141 Builder Partners commit to donate homes for every home they build.

When clients choose to build a Platinum home, they inspire our team to create the centerpiece of a custom, luxury lifestyle. Unique design and exquisite craftsmanship are integral to every detail of a Platinum Home. We don’t stop designing until our client’s every desire is seamlessly incorporated into an elegant and functional home. We Are The Luxury Custom Home Builders Dallas

Since 1961, we have created a reputation for building remarkable homes that are not only beautiful, but comfortable and inviting.  We believe a thoughtfully designed custom home built to suit your lifestyle has the power to help you live your best life.  Seeing you thrive in your new John Buchan home is the ultimate reward for us.

The only thing more important than experience is passion. We have both.

Over three decades of practice alongside the creativity and drive of some of the world’s most talented designers and craftsman – it’s truly the best of every world.

For 4 generations the Gustafson family has been building homes and buildings throughout the Midwest.

Highmark Builders, an award-winning Minnesota based builder, understands that every detail affects the whole — from finding the perfect job site, to the details of the architecture & design, to the final construction and finishing. We live it every day. And we’re different.

Last modified: January 6, 2020