Our mission

It is the mission of The 141 Project to provide homes for those in need while creating an opportunity to share the gospel and lead families to the Lord’s house for eternity.

Our Story

We are builders at heart. We are third generation home builders that are grateful for the opportunities this business  as  given us.
Our story took a life-changing turn when we went on a weeklong mission trip to Guatemala. It was there, sitting with a  family of eight living in a 10×10 tin shack, that our hearts were stirred to help the housing crisis that we experienced firsthand. We came home looking for an opportunity to use the blessing of our home building business to impact homes around the world. Then it hit us: the move in gift.

We couldn’t help but reflect on the amount of money we were spending on these gifts and although a nice gesture, the
relatively insignificant impact they had on our customers. The ratio seemed out of balance. We could literally build an entire home in some areas of the world for the price of a couple thousand dollar move-in gift. So that’s where The 141 Project started, a simple strategy to use move-in gift money to purchase the materials and build a home in an under-resourced part of the world. Then as builders, we can offer that home as a gift to our customer

Our Faith

The 141 Project is a faith-based movement under the umbrella of the Cherry Ave Foundation, our 501c3 nonprofit parent organization. We believe as Christ-followers, it is our calling to love and serve the world around us. We believe that a home is an amazing gift, but an even greater gift is an eternal relationship with the Lord. To that end, we will look for every opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel with those we serve alongside. The 141 Project welcomes people from all faith backgrounds to participate alongside our mission

Our partners communities

All homes built from The 141 Project donations are built within our Partner Communities around the world. These communities have been prayerfully and carefully selected not only by the housing crisis that is present, but also by the sustainable community partners and leadership that is present. Our team has over 30 years of combined
experience in community development and we are committed to building homes that help break the cycle of poverty and empower families for the future.

Meet our Team
Executive Director
Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Misionary Partners

Betty Merida, Guatemala

Betty was born and raised in Guatemala. She’s one of our most active and important partners. She’s  been a physical education teacher and holds degree in English (ESL) education, as well as child psychology.   he has served the Lord as a missionary since 2001, training teachers, pastors, women and serving with short-term missions. She shares the words of Jesus Christ while teaching the Bible to children and adults that live near or in the garbage dump in Sumpango, as well as in an orphanage caring for children who are HIV positive.

Betty works with local pastors and churches to manage home donations, select recipient families, select local contractors and oversee construction.

We’ve worked with Betty since 2001!