Resolve to change the life of an entire family

This year, help to put a roof over a family in need. 100% of your donation goes toward construction costs.

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100% of your donation will be used for the construction of a home for a family in need
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children living on the streets throughout the world
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builds a home in a 3rd world country
homes funded in the past 3 years

A home is central to a family's ability to care for their children physically and spiritually


We start local.

We partner with missionaries on the ground in the locations in which we build.  Local pastors and missionaries select families that are in the most critical need.  They verify that the land that we’re building on is properly titled, and owned by those we’re building for. 


We provide jobs.

We hire local masons, carpenters and builders to
oversee and build the homes.  Very often
the selected family currently lives on the property.  
The existing home might be a makeshift shelter of found boards, reclaimed posts, bailing wire, corrugated metal for the roof, dirt floor.  No protection from the elements, thieves, dogs, insects…. 


We're builder's at heart.

During construction it’s common for the recipient families join the efforts and assist with the construction.  As they are living on the property, they are there throughout the day regardless.  Our missionaries get to know them & have the opportunity to share the gospel with them as the home is built. 



Scherer Brothers Lumber funds 3 future projects

Scherer Brother’s Vision: Working Together, Filling Needs

Since its humble beginnings in 1930, Scherer Bros. Lumber Co. has grown into a large entity offering a great deal more to customers than our founders ever dreamed. In fact, our people offer such a wide variety of products and services – from windows to cabinets, wall panels to engineered trusses, and one-of-a-kind custom millwork to wood specialty products – that calling ourselves a “lumber company” does not adequately define the scope of our business. The more diverse Scherer Bros. becomes, the more we can do for our customers. In order to maintain the highest quality products and services, and to better meet the needs of our customers, all employees have to follow closely our vision of “working together, filling needs.” The dedication in following through with that mission will define our success as a valued partner with equally valued customers.

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Highmark Builders joins the 141 Project as builder partner & as board members

Jim Moras and Terry Gaulrapp, partners in Highmark builders joined with the 141 Project as builder members as well as board members. We’re excited to have them involved and look forward to a productive year of building and funding homes together!

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22 Homes Completed in 2019!

Our partner in Sumpango Guatemala, Breaking Cycles, finished 22 houses in 2019!!!
Praise God for His goodness and mercy!
We are humbled to be used by Him.
Thank all of you that had made this possible.

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