Scherer Brothers Lumber funds 3 future projects

Scherer Brother’s Vision: Working Together, Filling Needs

Since its humble beginnings in 1930, Scherer Bros. Lumber Co. has grown into a large entity offering a great deal more to customers than our founders ever dreamed. In fact, our people offer such a wide variety of products and services – from windows to cabinets, wall panels to engineered trusses, and one-of-a-kind custom millwork to wood specialty products – that calling ourselves a “lumber company” does not adequately define the scope of our business. The more diverse Scherer Bros. becomes, the more we can do for our customers. In order to maintain the highest quality products and services, and to better meet the needs of our customers, all employees have to follow closely our vision of “working together, filling needs.” The dedication in following through with that mission will define our success as a valued partner with equally valued customers.

Our Mission: Deliver lasting customer value through enduring relationships, dedication to continuous improvement and world class team performance.

At Scherer Bros., our mission – what drives us – is the single desire to be the outstanding materials, services and solutions provider for the residential construction industry. So, what is outstanding? That is a good question, but it is not a question for us as much as it is a question for our customers. What are outstanding services, quality, and communication to them? Certainly we must have our own standards for getting things done with excellence, but it is the customer who will define “outstanding” for us.Our

Values: Integrity, safety, commitment to customer and responsible responsiveness.Integrity, safety, commitment to customer and responsible responsiveness are the primary values we believe should influence our decisions and our actions. Responsiveness is the proof that value is very high. Without integrity there will be no reason for the customer to trust us, and subsequently we will have no belief in ourselves. Trust is a precious and priceless quality that is easily degraded by the slightest compromise of honesty. Integrity and trust live and die with direct, reliable information. It is what comes right before a firm handshake and continues long after. When people hear the name Scherer Bros. it is integrity, above all the other values, that we want them to
think of.

Our Operating Principles – Guiding Our Business We back our mission, vision and values with a set of operating principles and guidelines that define the business we strive to be on a daily basis:

  • Work Safely
  • Recognize the best in others
  • Communicate honestly, directly and continuously
  • Promote personal and professional well-being and growth
  • Keep agreements and accept accountability
  • Balance professional, family and spiritual needs
  • Respect the ideas of others
  • Be creative; explore opportunities; improve continuously