Become a partner

Become A Partner: 141, the process could not be more straightforward: For every home you build, a home is built for a family in need. The investment is nominal: $3500 builds a home in our partnered communities. The reward for you and your clients is priceless.

Take the 141 Pledge

What better closing gift than the donation of a home to a family in need? $3,500 builds a home for a family in need. As a partner builder you’ll receive a profile of the family and the home that your donation specifically supports. Donate all or a portion of the construction costs. We’ll post details in our Projects section with a link to your company and/ or the family in which the donation was made.

If you want to get your hands dirty and help with construction, we have opportunities available throughout the year. We can use the help building homes and you’ll have a life changing experience!

“Our 141 donations are the most meaningful thing we do as a company. Our clients so appreciate that their dream home provided a home for a family in need.”

We’d love to have you as a partner. Please give us a call 612-267-2670 or send us your info and we’ll be in touch with more information.