Cristobal and Olga


Generously funded by Gretchen and Lyle Shaw

Nestled in the picturesque village of El Rejón, Sumpango, lies a story of determination and hope, embodied by Cristobal’s family. Cristobal, 27, a hardworking farmer, and his wife Olga, also 27, are the bedrock of their small yet spirited family. Together with their children, Aura, an enthusiastic 8-year-old second grader, and Jonathan, a playful 4-year-old, they weave a tapestry of family life filled with simple joys and big dreams.

Their educational journey, marked by its brevity — Cristobal up to 6th grade and Olga up to 3rd — has not dimmed their aspirations for their children. Instead, it fuels their determination to provide a better future for Aura and Jonathan, highlighting the value of education in their lives.

Living in a modest cinder block room with a concrete floor, graciously shared by Cristobal’s parents, the family’s resilience shines through. Their kitchen, a humble structure of tin sheets with a dirt floor, is a testament to their resourcefulness and ability to make the most out of little.

The winds of change are now blowing in their favor. Cristobal’s father, in an act of love and foresight, has gifted them a plot of land. This land is not just a piece of earth; it’s a canvas for their dreams. And thanks to the generous support of The 141 Project and the compassionate efforts of Stonewood, these dreams are set to take shape in the form of a new cinder block home.

This new home is more than a structure of walls and a roof; it represents a new chapter. It’s a place where Aura can study under a sturdy roof, where Jonathan can play safely, and where Olga can nurture their family with newfound peace of mind. It’s a sanctuary where Cristobal can rest after a day’s work, knowing he is building a legacy for his children.

The larger land promises not just expanded physical space but opens up a world of possibilities. It’s a space where dreams can grow, where a vegetable garden can flourish, where children’s laughter can echo freely, and where new memories can be created and cherished.

At Stonewood, we are more than builders; we are storytellers, helping to craft narratives of hope and resilience. We are deeply grateful to be part of Cristobal’s family’s story, a story that reflects our commitment to making meaningful changes in the lives we touch.