The Fabian Family


A New Beginning: The Journey of the Fabian Family – #207

Made possible through a generous donation from ICF homes, David Phelps

At 47, Fabian and his wife, Tiburcia, lead a simple life in El Rejon, Sumpango. While their three children have grown, with two having families of their own, they still share their home with their youngest, Alvaro, a 17-year-old with a second-grade education. Fabian, a dedicated day laborer in farming, also cultivates corn and green beans – the former sustains the family while the latter is sold in local markets for additional income. Alvaro, following in his father’s footsteps, assists in these endeavors.

Tiburcia, a homemaker, faces health challenges. Diagnosed with diabetes, she recently underwent surgery to remove a toe, a setback that has strained the family’s finances due to ongoing medical expenses.

Their humble abode, composed of two tin-sheet bedrooms on a concrete base, houses not just Fabian, Tiburcia, and Alvaro, but also their son Luis, his wife Evelyn, and a small kitchen with a dirt floor. The family’s living conditions are a stark reminder of their battle against extreme poverty.

Moved by their story, our Social Work Team conducted a thorough socio-economic evaluation, resulting in the approval of their request for assistance. Tiburcia, once resigned to a life confined within tin walls, shared her long-held dream of a proper home, a dream that seemed unattainable due to financial constraints.

Today, we’re honored to announce that, through the generosity of ICF Homes, the Fabian family will receive their first cinderblock room. This new bedroom, a symbol of hope and stability, is not just a structure but a testament to the enduring spirit of a family who has faced adversity with resilience and grace.

At the 141 Project, we believe in transforming lives through compassion and action, and we’re proud to be part of the Fabian family’s journey towards a brighter, more secure future.